COSAN water & air

기업소개 The root of life is in "water".

The root of life is in "water".

We were distinguished in service with the overseas export market work since the establishment in 1983, honored with Gold Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit Award, and positioned as pioneers of water, air, and environmental specialty export. In addition, various certifications acquired a global company and contribute to health promotion programs by establishing the Water Science Institute.

Greetings of CEO

Without water isn't clean anything.

As if the lack of water, environmental pollution is aggravated and biological phenomenon is contracted, and diseases and aging of bodies are being hurried by dehydration. Just good water drinking routine way to the good habits can prevent disease and keep a healthy body.

Water we drank circulates in the body to be blood or bodily fluids and keep cells.

Clean and smooth flow is an important part of health, and becomes disease if the flow is holding up.

The ordinary materials are not easy to be absorbed into the cells because of their big molecular weights.

But water is effortless in infiltration by cell that builds up in the transport of wastes and functions of the cell it comes to this with. Therefore, good food is grant you good health, but a good water to ward off dehydration and regulates the metabolism in your body by keeping health.

From now on, try changing the environment in the body through the good water.

We put stock in infinite force of nature and powers of healing.

COSAN with me is that these ideas with advanced technology in the past 30 year’s efforts have been undertaking.

Thank you.

CEO & Founder Walter Kim, Ph.D.